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The dogs are hand-selected and we apply our own training methods, fulfilling the demand of our clients. Important facilities are used to train and keep the dogs, such as in-door training facilities, out-door areas and dozens of brand new spacious kennels.

Our dogs
Passionate: a drive for fetching and biting.
Sociable: reliability is a key requirement for our dogs. Through our expertise we are able to appropriately assess a dog,
  based on 1-on-1 training and the display of social behavior.
Competent: for the training of our dogs we recreate real-life environments and scenarios, such as an open field, various
  types of buildings, stairways, a variety of floors and the creation of unexpected events

K-9’s for other disciplines
Our team also delivers fully trained dogs in one of the following disciplines: K.N.P.V. (Royal Dutch Police Dog Association), I.P.O., S.V.V., Z.V.V., ring sport or Schutzhund.