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Teus van Middendorp is the owner of Dutch K9 Centre and an entrepreneur with an extraordinary passion for K-9’s. From the age of 14, Teus has been a member at the K.N.P.V. (Royal Dutch Police Dog Association). He has been proven to be very successful as a canine handler. Amongst other things, he was able to train various dogs for PH1 (police dogs) with very high scores. In 2014, he was a contestant on the Dutch National Championships with his dog Nico. As the owner of Dutch K9 Centre, Teus is concerned with the strategy and involved in the day-to-day business. At the same time he owns a construction/mounting company with 20 employers.

Since the foundation of the company, Henk Verbeek has been involved as the manager of Dutch K9 Centre. As an expert in the Netherlands concerning K-9’s, he is responsible for the sale and purchase of all the dogs. Since 1984 he has provided excellent training to 16 dogs within the K.N.P.V. for PH1. Moreover, he participated 3 times in the Dutch National Championships in Eindhoven. Amongst other duties, he is still active as a nationwide at the K.N.P.V as an inspector in competitions and inspections of dogs. Furthermore, Henk writes opinion pieces and prepares seminars in the United States of America. Since 1987, he has worked at the Royal Netherlands Army (Koninklijke Landmacht) as a guard/dog handler. Since 2000, Henk has been active in purchasing and training of police dogs; to do this he has gained experience by visiting many countries for this purpose.

Since the foundation of the company, Don Blankenstein has been part-time at Dutch K9 Centre as a self-employed person. He is a driving force within our selection process of the dogs and hand selects them on foreign locations. Don has been a trainer of police dogs since the age of 14 and has performed as such on a high level. He has years of experience in training dogs at different companies. Through the K.N.P.V he finished his education in Master Class Coach (MCC) and provides theoretical training in the areas of training and behavior of dogs. As a member of the team of Dutch K9 Centre, he can provide our clients with the appropriate training and aftercare on every desired location.

As an office assistant for Dutch K9 Centre and is responsible for corporate communications, the financial administration and other secretarial support. Before joining our team she has been active in the marketing department of large retail companies.