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Dutch K9 Centre B.V. is a young and innovative company born from love and passion for police dogs. The team exists solely from experienced trainers capable of producing well-trained K-9’s. Operating from Kootwijkerbroek, lying in the center of the Netherlands, we fulfill the demand for high-quality dogs for police, customs, military and security services on a global level.

What you can expect from us
•  Personal contact with clear and transparent agreements
•  Sustainable advice
•  A professional attitude
•  Quality over quantity
•  Passionate about K-9’s
•  Availability whole year round
•  After-care

Our mission
It is our passion to work with beautiful, strong, versatile and social police dogs. Our experts carefully assess the dogs to discover their talents and let them thrive in their area(s) of expertise. We consider it to be our ultimate mission to find the appropriate environment for each dog, where it is able to excel: a place where it belongs.