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Beside the purchase of dogs within our national borders, we are specialized in the purchase of dogs from various European countries. Our experts travel to these countries on a monthly basis in order to hand select the best dogs to provide you with world-class quality.

At Dutch K9 Centre we have our own its Belgian Shepherd pups, which are being raised by selected Dutch breeders. In this way, we are able to create an optimal environment for our dogs, which all happens under supervision of our staff. This results in high-quality dogs from Dutch origin. To our knowledge, we are the first and only company in the Netherlands that applies this kind of procedure.

All our dogs are subject to an elaborate clinical inspection by official recognized vets. It is our standard to deliver dogs with:
•    X-rays
•    Microchip
•    International passport and health certificate
•    Rabies vaccination
•    Kennel cough vaccination
•    Cocktail vaccination

We are happy to provide extra services upon request.

We work with external specialists on the areas of transportation, required documentation and customs regulation. These partnerships facilitate the best conditions for transportation of our dogs all over the world.

Guaranteed satisfaction
We provide money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. Upon every sold dog we provide a standard 1-year medical warranty and a 30-day workability guarantee.